20th Guy N. Smith Fan Convention – 6th September 2009

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GNS – Pulp’s Peter Pan

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Meeting ‘Pulp’s Peter Pan’
by Sally Boyce

Pulp fiction’s ‘Peter Pan’ is alive and well and living on the Shropshire border, near Bucknell, where he shortly plans to celebrate 35 years as a published author.

Guy N. Smith, horror writer, columnist, countryman and game hunter, launched his career in 1974 following publication of Werewolf by Moonlight. His 100th novel is now on the horizon, and this year he has already added to the growing pile of tales thirsted after by avid fans worldwide with Maneater and Crabs’ Fury.

Now this well-known character, with a gift for re-invention equalled only by Madonna, is about to re-release his greatest hit, Night of the Crabs. As his publisher, Neil Jackson of Ghostwriter Publications, explains: “Another new novel, an autobiography, a new website, blogs, audio books and e-books, and he still works as a journalist for Countryman’s Weekly and runs his book business, Black Hill Books.” With a dash of playful menace, he adds: “Like the crabs in his classic series, he cannot – will not – stop.”

Guy doesn’t pretend to be a literary great, though his fast-growing fan club brings him great satisfaction and sales of his many books run into millions. He confesses: “I don’t pretend to write literature. I write good, old-fashioned pulp fiction which sells.”

Before settling in this region, he combined a banking career with his burgeoning flair for writing horror. By the time Night of the Crabs went into print the die was cast and he quit his day job to become a full-time author. But an affection for those early days is evident from a carefully preserved Midland Bank plaque, once fixed on a wooden shed from which his bank manager father dispensed advice on Tamworth market days.

The various and very colourful strands of Guy’s life dovetail neatly together and – with an autobiography on the way – he shows no sign of slowing down. “My output is greater than when I was at my peak!” he said. In the past he outshone others in the annual pipe-smoking championships and, though the smoking ban dampened a degree of enthusiasm for the competition, Guy remains eager to host an event at his home.

Every week he submits his writings on guns, stalking and cartridges to the Countryman’s Weekly and every day he pulls on his novelist’s hat. He’s a genial chap and, if you meet him, you’ll wonder where the plots for such disturbing books as The Slime Beast and Deadbeat come from.

He’s a family man, an ardent dog-lover and adores the country around him. But he won’t be drawn on the subject of his age. “They call me the ‘Peter Pan’ of pulp fiction,” he says and adds, with tongue firmly in cheek: “This year I’m going to be 50 – and I’ve got my ‘I am 50’ badge to prove it!”

Source: Shropshire Journal.

Creature Feature News

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The GWP anthology Creature Feature will be published very soon, and in our build-up to this exciting release, we’re now able to reveal that the book includes two stories by Guy N. Smith, these being The Fish Thing and The Beast in the Mist.

Creature Feature is unleashed for pre-order on 1st June…delivery on 14th June. Pre-order price is limited to first 50 copies…£6.99 + £2.00 p/p (£3.00 US).

For pre-order enquiries, please contact:

The Penny Dreadful Collection

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Ghostwriter Publications is proud to present The Penny Dreadful Collection, GWP’s new series of chapbooks. Guy N. Smith is one of many authors featured in the collection, and titles such as Crabs Armada, The Decoy and The Doll are among the very first on sale.

Starting from June 1st, the company will be publishing new chapbook titles every month to form a superlative collection of exciting horror fiction. Each individual book is available from the forthcoming all-new GWP website at the low price of £1 (GB)/ $1.25 (US) plus postage & packaging.

Please click the link to view the full gallery of Penny Dreadful titles.

New Night of the Crabs Trailer

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A new trailer for Guy N. Smith’s Night of the Crabs, created by Max Dowie, has today been unveiled by Ghostwriter Publications.

The classic horror novel will be published on May 25th.

The hardback is limited to 100 signed copies, and can be pre-ordered for the low price of £10.00 (plus £2.00 UK p/p or £3.00 p/p for delivery to the US).

To order:

Go to Paypal and make payment to: neilmjackson@ghostwriterpublications.com

Don’t forget to add postage.

Night of the Crabs 2009

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To open this week-long feast of Guy N Smith goodies, here is the first look at the trailer for the hardback release of the updated version of the classic horror novel Night of the Crabs.

The 2009 release comes complete with new dustjacket artwork from Monica Rondino and Andrea Pucci in addition to a prologue, epilogue and a completely new chapter with a wonderful introduction to the crab canon.

There is an introduction by the author himself and we are overjoyed to have the top horror author, Brian Keene, provide the tagline for the cover.

What completes the rerelease of this pulp classic is the foreword by author JF Gonzalez, who has had massive success with his take on the crab story with Clickers. The original novel was written in conjunction with his writing partner, Mark Williams, with Clickers II written with Brian Keene, alongside.

Mark unfortunately passed away in 1998, and it was his concept (inspired, in part, by Guy’s work) that was developed by both Jesus and Brian to produce the two crabs novels. The hardback is dedicated to him.

The hardback is limited to 100 signed copies…and…for this week only it can be pre-ordered for the disgustingly credit crunch-busting sum of £10.00 (plus £2.00 UK p/p or £3.00 p/p for delivery to the US).

Release date is 25th May and will be sent directly from the author (The paperback version is released 25th July…in Barmouth).

Those who have already preordered will receive a bag of goodies on release day…or thereabouts.

To order:

Go to Paypal and make payment to: neilmjackson@ghostwriterpublications.com

Don’t forget to add postage.

Graveyard Rendezvous & Guy N. Smith Week

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Graveyard Rendezvous

The official Guy N. Smith Fan Club magazine, Graveyard Rendezvous, will be relaunched this summer. The magazine will feature the latest news and special offers as well as fiction and nonfiction. Submissions of no more than 1250 words based around the GNS canon are welcomed. Please forward submissions to:


Guy N. Smith Week

To celebrate the release of The Guy N. Smith e-Book Collection, Ghostwriter has organised a full week’s schedule of special offers, announcements and, of course, the publication of many of Guy’s novels in e-Book format, some for the very first time.

Guy N. Smith Week begins 13th May, with the release of Bats Out Of Hell, Deadbeat & The Slime Beast as electronic downloads from Horror-Mall. Also, The Wood e-Book will be made availabe, FREE, to all GNS fans.

Check The Guy N. Smith Chronicle in the following days for news of more exciting releases, including the opportunity for fans to own a unique and exclusive piece of GNS memorabilia.